The Parogon Pub Company Ltd

We were recommended to CARS through our accountant to complete a capital allowance claim on a number of our commercial properties. The process was simple and straightforward. We were really pleased with the results!

Phil Sharp

Property Director


Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK Limited

We have used CARS before and the service they provide has always been very good. The process is all completed in a seamless, timely manner. The team have a vast amount of knowledge within this area and it was evident within the claim process. We hope to use them again on any future claims.

Andy Johnstone

Operation Manager


Wrenwray Ltd

This was our second capital allowance claim that we have completed with CARS and we were really pleased with the service. Everything was very easy and we were impressed with the speed in which they completed the claim. We will happily use them again in the future.

Catherine Kelly


Winn Property Ltd

Everything was very efficient and the team retrieved us a good amount of money back, so we are really happy. We were recommended to them through our accountant and that put assurance in our mind that everything was above board. We are pleased that we went ahead with the claim.

Nihal Winniczuk



Care Home

When anyone generally says the word “tax” to me there is usually that feeling of anxiety due to not understanding the complicated UK tax system, the jargon, forms and code references that come with it and the concern of how much this would cost. However, I can hand on heart say that Chris and the Capital Allowance Review... Continue reading

Victoria Sylvester



Thorpe Constantine Events Ltd

I was pleased with the service received from CARS. This is not something I had done before. I had no concerns that CARS wouldn’t do a great job in processing the claim, I did, however, have concerns that they wouldn’t find enough to justify a claim. I’m pleased to say though that there was a substantial amount of... Continue reading

James Daw



Porthllongdy Farm & CaravanSite Ltd

Everything was open from the very start, there was a clear plan of how the claim would be completed. The surveyors were very good and I couldn’t fault the process. I was unsure as to whether to complete a claim and whether it was worth it, but this is money that belongs to me and I’m now able to reap the benefits through... Continue reading

John Batt



Lambert Roper & Horsfield Ltd

My client dealt with the claim themselves directly with CARS, however, the small involvement that I did have was very good and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer other clients that could benefit from their services. The one thing I would like to say is that I was impressed with the reports they produced at the end of the claim,... Continue reading

Nick Frost



Simon Thompsett

Given we were in the middle of COVID19 communication channels were very good regarding the required survey and the claim process. I feel their process had fair pricing and good servicing levels – always keeping me informed. Overall, I was very happy.  

Simon Thompsett

Property Investor


C is for Cat Ltd

CARS did a good job and I would encourage others to pursue completing a claim with them.  

Linda Valentine



Marcus Milton

Everything was very clear and the process very smooth. I was very happy with the service I received. When my current capital allowances are used up, I shall be coming back to CARS to survey another house, and possibly our Greek villas too!  

Marcus Milton

Property Investor


BIMM Institute

CARS provided an efficient and timely service which demonstrated great value for money.  

Bernard Yeboah

Group Finance Director


The Horse & Groom (Holbeach) Ltd

Everything went well and we were pleased with the results. We were recommended through our accountant, whom we trust, so we had no concerns when allowing the CARS team to process our claim. We would happily recommend others as they did a good job.  

Nick Williams


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