Jon Newall

The process was fairly smooth and the surveyors were nice and friendly. My accountant advised that I work with CARS on processing a capital allowance claim with them being specialised in this area. I didn’t get an immediate tax benefit but I look forward to reaping the benefits in future years. I hope to work with CARS... Continue reading

Jon Newall

Property Investor


Greensafe IT Ltd

Completing a capital allowance claim is a complicated process. I had no problems with CARS and the service was very good. I would definitely recommend them.  

John Sansom



Don Holdings Ni Ltd

The process was very good and hassle-free. They have a lot of knowledge on what can and can’t be claimed, making this a separate area of expertise from what accountants can offer. We had a lot of reassurance throughout and they gave us a potential estimate on what they hope to achieve with the claim. The final results... Continue reading

Mark Donnelly

Project Manager


Schoolwear Inc Ltd

I was recommended to CARS. Initially, I was worried that I would be paying for a service and then, later on, find out I’m ineligible to make a claim. However, after speaking to Chris, he explained about their ‘no claim, no fee’ policy which put me at ease knowing I couldn’t lose. Chris was great at explaining everything... Continue reading

Amit Kainth



Supporting Lives Ltd

The service was very good. It was informative and the management of the claim was excellent. I had concerns initially as to whether we would be eligible for a claim, but everything was explained very well. We have a few properties we plan to purchase next year and we will definitely be using CARS again for these.   Continue reading

Paul Leavers



Williamstone Farm Steadings

This is not something I had considered before and was recommended by an accountant. I was impressed by the explanation of everything – how it worked, how the system worked – I learned a lot. Overall, it was a very good experience.  

Ryan Lothian



Elevated Elephant Consulting

Paul presented at one of our online commercial courses and it was a huge success. We had 156 delegates and there were definitely light bulb moments in the group. The information on capital allowances was presented in such a natural way that all attending benefitted fully by understanding everything that was explained to... Continue reading

Harriet Dunn

Business Builder


Thompson Management Services Blackpool Ltd

It was a comprehensive service and they saved me a good amount of tax. I got involved with Chris in the early stages and he was excellent at handling it all. It was hassle-free and they just got on with it.  

Joseph Thompson



Joel Bailey

The process was super easy with no problems at all. I had an initial chat with Chris where we discussed what the potential claim may be and that amount was achieved in the results, so a great outcome. This isn’t my line of work, so I really liked that I could just detach myself from it and let it happen. I was working... Continue reading

Joel Bailey

Property Investor


Sporting Wholesale Holdings Ltd

We experienced a smooth service; everything went fine and we were happy with the results. We would be happy to recommend others as there is a benefit for everyone by completing these claims.  

Eddy Eliaz



White House Dental Practice

Everything went smoothly and it was all well explained. The team took over and everything was done and dusted. I was more than happy with the service, I felt it was all very efficient. They helped save me tax that I didn’t realise I could save. I love the ‘no claim, no fee’ policy. I have passed on their details to... Continue reading

Rik Jethwa



Ryland Estates Ltd

The process was very painless. I wasn’t heavily involved, I just handed over the required information and the team just got on with it. It was a professional and well-rounded service.  

Dino Markou



The Chartwell Practice

The process worked very well with little involvement from ourselves, which I liked. We were kept informed all the way through. Our client was really pleased with the results and therefore we would happily recommend any other clients we have that could benefit from completing this.  

Steven Bourne

Managing Director

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