karaoke bar

Claim Results

  • 2016
  • £277,850
  • £134,941
  • 2015
  • 62%
  • £667,600
  • £412,791

Karaoke Box Ltd

About our client

Karaoke Box is a company with fantastic facilities for those wanting a lively night of singing. They are located in London and Birmingham with significant investment ensuring the best experience for their customers.

Karaoke Box Ltd refurbished the karaoke rooms at their Birmingham premises. We were tasked with reviewing the invoices ensuring the maximum capital allowances were extracted from the embedded fixtures & fittings installed.

Leisure facility
  • accountant 42%

    Accounting routines revealed 42% of Capital Allowances

  • our process 20%

    Our process uncovered a further 20% of unclaimed Capital Allowances

  • total 62%

    Supporting the Accountant helped us to jointly achieve a total of 62% of unclaimed Capital Allowances


There’s no doubt you and your accountants have an established routine for assessing Capital Allowances and therefore it’s important to stress that we’re not questioning their or your ability. We look to enhance the level of Capital Allowances claimed by introducing additional disciplines that add value to your work. For example, a survey is completed on the property to identify items that are not visible within the paperwork and sit within Land & Buildings on the Balance Sheet (not Fixtures & Fittings).

When was your property surveyed specifically to highlight embedded fixtures, fittings & features that qualify for tax relief?

karaoke bar
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